What’s up, multifamily marketers! Summer is heating up, but that’s not slowing us down from adding new features to our RentPress for Websites plugin.

This update is filled with new features and updates to make life easier for both apartment marketers and apartment shoppers. Whether you have a single property website or a site supporting a portfolio of hundreds of properties, you’ll appreciate better shopping experiences for floor plan images, pricing, amenities & features, and pet policies.

For our developer partners, our templates play nicer than ever with your themes. Our plugin listing now includes screenshots and links to our demo site so you can see best practices for how to use RentPress to power a beautiful, functional apartment marketing machine.

For those keeping track, this is update 7.3. Let’s dive into what’s new:


  • Make the floor plan BIGGER. We updated the galleries on our single floor plan pages, so now floor plan images can expand and display in a larger lightbox gallery when clicked.
  • Break out Community Amenities and Apartment Features. Our single floor plan template has been restructured, allowing you to display Community Amenities and Apartment Features into separate lists.
  • Handle all the Arlingtons, Springfields, and Columbias. If you have a large portfolio with properties in multiple states, you likely have some cities with the same name in different states. We now handle that in our city pages and advanced search – city names (technically handled as taxonomy terms in WordPress speak) now include the state abbreviation to avoid confusion. (Only new properties will be affected.)
  • More love for the four-legged residents. The Pet Policy field now supports more content and additional HTML formatting.
  • Hundreds of properties in your portfolio? The more, the better! Our data sync has been restructured to handle large portfolios. (We currently have websites supporting hundreds of properties.)
  • Seamless lead collection and connection to your CRM. We launched our RentPress: Gravity Forms Add-On (available separately) to help you easily collect and deliver prospect leads to the top multifamily CRMs like Entrata, Knock, and Yardi’s RentCafe CRM. The Gravity Forms Add-On is free for all customers with an active RentPress for Websites subscription.


  • Our Admin post list information has been restructured for greater efficiency with large portfolios.
  • We’ve restructured our neighborhood assignments to allow for better consistency with properties.
  • Our property search feature now also includes all neighborhoods.
  • You can now automatically insert our RentPress page templates into a child theme through the RentPress settings panel. (Page templates available: Property Search, Property Listing, Floor Plan Grid, Floor Plan Single, Amenity Page, Feature Page, Pet Page, Property Type Page, City Page, Cities Archive, and Property Taxonomies)
  • Our property info cards display information more efficiently.
  • The CTAs on the Single Floor Plan page now link to consistent destinations.


No one is perfect, but we can always strive to improve. Here are a few areas where we found some room to improve in this update:

  • We now filter out any empty prices we receive in the pricing feed to more accurately display unit prices.
  • The Lease Term dropdown will now only display when there are lease term options to display.
  • We fixed an issue with property deletion.
  • We fixed an issue with deleting units from synced properties.
  • We fixed an issue where manually-added units could not be deleted.
  • We fixed an issue where the pet policy sometimes would not save.
  • We fixed an issue that inadvertently auto-enabled comments across various WordPress pages.
  • We fixed an issue where the bedroom select modal in search filters would not dismiss.
  • We fixed an issue with an admin error that occurred on the sync options.

Check the full release notes and previous updates on the WordPress plugin directory, along with our full support documentation.


Stay tuned, because we have more add-ons and improvements to the shopping experience in the works. We’re working on unit-level features and photos, along with better ways to present amenities and features at the property, floor plan, and unit levels.

We’re working on new pricing/availability and CRM integrations, as well as some other unique integrations that you won’t want to miss.

Have a new feature or integration you’d like to see? Drop us a line … we’d love to hear from you!

That’s a wrap on this edition – RentPress 7.3.0 is available now! Multifamily marketers, ask your website vendor to update your site, or talk to the team at 30 Lines about how you can get RentPress for your property or portfolio. Agency partners, you can download the latest update from the WordPress Plugin directory now.