Mondays: By appointment only 🕞

Sundays: Closed 📆 

Does that sound like the office hours at any of your properties?

With our latest update to RentPress, properties can now fully customize how their daily operating hours appear on their websites.

It might seem like a small detail, but it’s really not when you consider all of the different expanded capabilities here, especially for schedules synced from a property management software (PMS) system … or for those cases where your PMS feed might *not* include all the details about your office hours that you want to communicate to your prospects and customers.

With our latest RentPress for Websites update (7.5), you now have more options to set your schedule exactly how you want.

Want more details? Check out our Support site, or reach out to our team anytime.

Full changelog below:

RentPress for Websites 7.5

Let your shoppers know when you’re open for business – and when you’re not. Website creators will also find that our suite of templates and shortcodes now have greater compatibility with custom themes.


  • Property Office Hours have a brand-new experience
  • Time-based open and close times sync from your property management software or can be added to your manually-managed properties
  • A day schedule can be set to “Closed”
  • A day schedule can be set to “By Appointment”
  • If desired, you can opt to Append any text after a day schedule. Supports select HTML tags including the ability to add a link.
  • If desired, you can Replace a day schedule with any arbitrary text.
  • New Office Hours including Appended and Replace text displays on a property listing page and on the property hours shortcode.


  • Our included templates and shortcodes have been overhauled for greater compatibility with more website themes.

This update is open for business – it’s live in the WordPress plugin directory NOW.

We have new integrations, new features, and more product enhancements to the shopping experience in the works. Have a new feature or integration you’d like to see? Drop us a line … we’d love to hear from you!

Multifamily marketers, ask your website vendor to update your site, or talk to the team at 30 Lines about how you can get RentPress for your property or portfolio. Agency partners, you can download the latest update from the WordPress Plugin directory now.